Competent Authority Pathway

Your Pathway to General Practice

Competent Authority Pathway

The competent authority pathway is suitable for international medical graduates who have held medical registration with one of the recognised competent authorities. If you have not held registration with one of the competent authorities, then the standard pathway may be more suitable for you.

Recognised Competent Authorities

Medical Council of New Zealand (NZREX)
General Medical Council (United Kingdom – PLAB & Graduates)

Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)
Medical Council of Ireland (Graduates)

Learn more about the competent authorities, and competent authority pathway from the Medical Board of Australia


These preparation tasks can be completed at your discretion without a job offer.

  • IELTS English Exam Minimum pass = B
  • Verify Your Qualifications Mandatory

Time Frame: Determined by Doctor

Verify Qualifications IELTS Exam


You will require a job offer to undertake the PESCI. Contact us to find a suitable position.

  • PESCI Application Submitted Doctor to Submit
  • Receive Interview Date Notify Us
  • Complete Australian Education Certificates^ Mandatory
  • Australian Observership Mandatory
  • Complete PESCI Interview

Results Returned: Approx. 2 Weeks
Documents Required: D1, D2, D7, D10, D11


Step 3: IMMIGRATION PART 1 – Nomination

This step is completed by your prospective employer following completion of Step 2. They will require your personal information to sponsor you for the VISA

  • Submit VISA Nomination Employer to Submit

Nomination Approval: 3-6 Weeks Avg.
Documents Required: D2, D10,


The AHPRA registration process requires that Step 3 be completed to prove an employers suitability to sponsor workers.

  • Submit Application Employer to Submit
  • Receive ‘Approved In Principle’ Registration
  • Present In Person To AHPRA No Appointment Required

Board Approval: 6 Weeks Minimum
Documents Required: D1 – 8, D9 – 11,



Step 5: IMMIGRATION PART 2 – Application

Step 4 AHPRA registration Approved in Principle is required prior to beginning Step 5

  • Submit VISA Application Doctor to Submit

Application Approval: 4-12 Weeks Avg.
Documents Required: D1-3, D7 8, D10
Additional Requirements: Health Declaration, Immunisation Record, International Criminal History Check and Australian Education Certificates^.


Step 5 must be completed and a VISA issued prior to commencing with Step 6. You will also need to present yourself to AHPRA in person to complete Step 4 and finalise your registration before applying to Medicare.

  • Submit A Provider Number Application Employer to Submit
  • Request Prescriber Number Included in above submission
  • Submit Area of Need Materials (19AB) Employer to Submit
  • Submit 3GA Program Application (19AA) If applicable

Application Approval: 3-6 Weeks Avg.
Documents Required: D2, D13, D14

Documents Required

  1. Current CV (ACRRM Format)
  2. Copy of Passport (Certified)
  3. Copy of Primary Medical Degree (Certified)
  4. Evidence of Internship
  5. Evidence of Additional Training
  6. Certificate of Registration Status
  7. IELTS English Exam Results Certificate Following Completion
  8. PESCI Results Following Completion
  9. Letter of Offer Provided
  10. GP Job Contract Provided
  11. Position Description Provided
  12. Supervised Practice Plan Provided
  13. AHPRA Registration Once Issued
  14. Working VISA Once Issued

Ready Set START

Additional Information:
^Australian Education Certificates relates to the Mental Health, Cultural Awareness and Women’s Health Certificates required by medical practitioners. These education modules can be completed at any time prior to sitting for your PESCI interview. Learn more.